Where can I purchase tickets?


I have a ticket query. Who should I contact?

Please contact Ticketmaster directly on 0818 903 001 or via the ‘Help Chat’ tab on www.ticketmaster.ie and they will be happy to advise you. 


Do I have to camp?

No, you can do so if you wish, but you can also come and go from the festival site if you like.


Is there non-camping weekend tickets?

Weekend tickets allow entry to the campsites from Friday, 2nd August until Monday, 5th August 2019 plus access to the arena throughout the weekend. You are allowed unlimited re-entry once you have exchanged your ticket for wristband on initial entry.

Alcohol not permitted upon re-entry to the campsite.

There are no weekend tickets without camping available but you are free to come and go if you wish.

General admission over 21s ID required.


What ages are allowed at the festival?

This is a strictly over 21’s festival. Up to two children aged 12 & under are allowed entry once accompanied by a paying adult. Please purchase a family camping ticket. Persons aged 13-20 are not allowed entry to the festival site.


Is there disabled access facilities?

Yes, please purchase a general weekend camping ticket. Then please log onto www.alltogethernow.ie/access to log your details. If you require any further information please email: access@alltogethernow.ie


Is Boutique Camping available?

Yes, boutique camping will be available at the festival. Please visit: www.alltogethernow.ie/boutique-camping


What does a family camping ticket include?

A family camping ticket allows 1 adult & up to 2 free under 12 children to enter the festival and family campsite. All children 12 & under will need to be registered on arrival.


I want to bring my campervan/caravan, what do I need to purchase?

Firstly you will need to purchase a general weekend camping ticket per person. In addition you will then also need to purchase a campervan/caravan ticket for your vehicle to gain entry into the campervan/caravan site. Campervan Passes are completely SOLD OUT for 2019’s festival.


I have a campervan/family campervan pass, can I pitch a tent beside it?

No tents or gazebos are allowed to be pitched inside the campervan sites. 


Can I park my vehicle beside my tent?

No, you must park your vehicle in the designated car parks.


Can I come & go from the festival?

Yes if you wish, your weekend wristband will allow you to come and go. Wristbands that have been tampered with or that have been removed will be confiscated & you will not be allowed re-enter the festival site.


Can I perform at the festival?

Musicians, Comedians, Performers, Spoken Word Artists and more wishing to perform at the Festival, we ask you to complete the following form here: www.alltogethernow.ie/performers. We do not take submissions in any other way. Please note, due to volume of requests, you will only get a response if there is an interest in booking you.


I want to volunteer at the festival, how to I apply?



What is prohibited from the festival?

The safety and well-being of our attendees is at the forefront of our priorities. Stringent searches will be conducted upon entry to the festival. Anyone found carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the festival and passed over to the Garda as a result.

Illicit and illegal items include:

Fireworks, Chinese Lanterns, flares and high power torches  are not allowed.

Alcohol (over and above your personal allowance) 

Illicit drugs, legal highs or nitrous oxide  are not allowed.

Glass (except for small make-up items and perfume/aftershave)

Animals (except guide dogs)  are not allowed.

Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon  are not allowed.


Petrol Generators or liquefied Petroleum Gas is not allowed.

BBQ's are not allowed.

Gazebos are not allowed.

Flag Poles are not allowed.

Garden Furniture in any form is not allowed.

Lazzer Pens  are not allowed.

Professional photographic equipment is not allowed. (this applies to cameras that have detachable lenses)

Selfie Sticks are not allowed.

Drones are not allowed.

Umbrellas are not allowed.

Spray canisters / Smoke Bombs / Gas canisters are not allowed.

Megaphones are not allowed.

High Vis Clothing is not allowed.

Items for trading are not allowed.


Can I bring my chair into the main arena?

No. Deck chairs, tripod seats, etc. cannot be brought into the main arena. You can however bring them into the campsite.

Will there be onsite lockers?

YES! Gig locker will be on site & you can pre book right HERE. They will also have 24 hour phone charging facilities.


Can I bring my own alcohol ?

Yes, each person on a weekend camping ticket only is allowed to bring 24 cans OR 1 litre of Spirits OR 1.5 litre of Wine for personal consumption subject to initial entry only. These can be brought into the campsite and main arena. No glass bottles are allowed. Please drink responsibly.

Alcohol can be brought onto site at time of first entry only. There is no re-entry with alcohol once wristbanded.

Can I bring glass bottles?

For safety reasons you are not allowed to bring glass bottles into either the camping or festival site. Alcohol within your limit must be decanted into reusable containers. Any glass items, except for small make-up items and perfume/aftershave will not be permitted into the campsite or festival site. Glass can be decanted into stainless steal bottles or re-usable plastic bottles. In coherence with our suitability statement no plastic including bottles will be sold on site. 

Can I bring soft drinks?

Yes. Canned soft drinks only. No plastic bottles. We will have water for sale throughout the site in 100% recyclable & 100% refillable cartons. We will also have water refilling stations & highly encourage you to bring along a stainless steel bottle.


Can I bring food?

Yes, however we will have a wide and varied selection of food stalls to cater for your every need.

What food will be available?

A full list of our food traders will be available soon.



You must be aged 21 or over to gain access to ALL TOGETHER NOW with the exception of children aged 12 or below who must be accompanied by a paying adult. There is a maximum limit of two 12 & under children per adult.

Those wishing to stay in family camping must be accompanied by children aged 12 and under.



There will be phone charging stations on site. Please ensure your phones are fully charged before going the festival.



Toilets will be located around the festival site.

Showers will be available in the general campsite, family camping and campervan campsite.