‘It is still not too late to act. It will take a far-reaching vision, it will take courage, it will take fierce, fierce determination to act now, to lay the foundations where we may not know all the details about how to shape the ceiling.’ Greta Thunberg

When we launched All Together Now in 2018, we wanted to take the opportunity to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly festival where we could set our own standards. With sustainability at the core of our ethos, we are passionate about creating and promoting the message as best we can. We are acutely aware of our duty of care to our festival’s stunning setting home, the Curraghmore Estate. In order to increase awareness of our environmental initiatives, we plan to roll out educational videos, informative clear messaging on our social channels and to host a dedicated area at the festival where festival-goers can go and learn about sustainable, fair-trade products. In addition, festival attendees can learn about factors affecting climate change and what they can do to play their part and make sustainable choices in life, both socially and environmentally.
Sustainability is an immensely important discussion in the given political climate - and one we passionately feel we need to act on. Issues such as climate crisis and plastic dumping into our seas and oceans, for instance, are good examples of how we are still way off the path to sustainability and are diverging from its principles. We are firm believers in making as much effort on our part to leave as small a footprint as possible, of both the carbon and physical nature, on our festival site.

We are committed to reduce our waste drastically on site, use green suppliers where possible, and use environmentally friendly, compostable materials at our festival.

Our policies fall under various categories such as Recycling & Waste Management, Transport, Plastic, Traders & Vendors, Campsite, Water Management and more. In order for our policies to be successful, co-operation across the board is necessary. This includes all workers on site; staff, volunteers, traders etc. All individuals working on site are asked to comply with our policies, and also bring their own drinking receptacles. Not only is cooperation needed amongst all suppliers, but we need it amongst our festival-goers, too. Folks who attended our inaugural festival enthusiastically supported the initiatives we put in place, and we were immensely grateful. 

 We trust that our attendees are making responsible choices in their day to day life, and to help them roll this transition into their festival experience, we have the following initiatives in place to help audiences enjoy their weekend with us whilst doing their best to protect the environment.


Road transport is now the largest and growing source of CO2 emissions in Europe, accounting for one-fifth of all emissions. With the average car producing 2.5kg of CO2 per litre of fuel, lift sharing has the potential to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint considerably. We can have a real impact on our carbon footprint if we reduce the number of car journeys. GoCar are All Together Now’s official transport partner.


We are mindful that with over 20,000 attendees attending Curraghmore for the festival weekend, there will be a large increase in traffic volume around the site. Public transport and carpooling are useful and sustainable ways of travelling and we would encourage you to take those methods of transport where possible. We are partnering with Bus Eireann in an effort to reduce the traffic volume and imposition the locality of Portlaw. Bus Eireann will be providing return bus services from Dublin, Cork and Waterford. 
IRISH RAIL - Train services will be operating as normal to Waterford Plunkett Station.  Routes serviced by Irish Rail: Dublin to Waterford including Cork, Tralee, Ennis, Galway to Limerick Junction with onward connection to Waterford Plunkett. For timetables & prices please check. 
**Please note for connecting to the festival site, Bus Eireann are providing a shuttle service from their Waterford Bus Terminal. 

Timetables and ticket prices:



GoCar is the official transport partner of All Together Now Festival. GoCar is the first car sharing service in Ireland with 40,000 members and 600 cars and vans across 18 counties. GoCar customers are reducing car ownership rates, with each GoCar taking approximately 10-20 privately-owned cars off the road. This frees up space for civic amenities such as wider footpaths, trees and parks. 
GoCar have created an exclusive package for All Together Now attendees. Take a GoCar from any one of 500+ convenient locations around Dublin, Galway, Cork or Limerick to All Together Now. It's a sustainable, flexible, convenient and affordable option. You can get a car for the full weekend from €140. Take it from an on-street location on Friday, pick up your pals, squeeze in your stuff, stop for supplies along the way, and then bring it back to where you got it from on Monday. You don't need to sign the car out at a depot, or meet anyone to grab keys - you get in with our app on your phone. EASY! Our special ATN rates include all insurance, taxes, fuel, etc. 

If you have a car of 4 people, that's just €35 each, €40 each or €45 each for the return journey, all costs included, and you can pick up most of our vehicles within walking distance of your home. It couldn’t be easier!

GoElectric Package - Fully Electric Nissan Leaf - Price €140 - Pick-up and drop off at Spencer Dock. (Limited number of vehicles, so do book early.)
GoLight Package - GoCity model vehicle - Nissan Micra, Hyundai i20, or Renault Clio - Pick up from the most convenient GoCar base for you and drop back to the same place on Monday. Price €160.
GoTripping Package - GoTripper Model - Hyundai i30 or Kona - Pick up from the most convenient GoCar base for you and drop back to the same place on Monday. Price €180. 


Please consider car sharing to All Together Now this year. Go on, not only will you be saving the planet a little at a time, but you’ll be saving money too! If you’re looking for a lift, or have a space in your car, please register.


Glastonbury Festival Campsite 2019 “this year 99.3% of all tents were taken home with over 175,000 people in attendance”

Glastonbury Festival Campsite 2019 “this year 99.3% of all tents were taken home with over 175,000 people in attendance”

Camping areas cause some of the highest volumes of waste in a festival. With not only camping equipment, but staggering amounts of leftover food, plastic containers, drinking cans are left on these fields after the weekend’s festivities. We are encouraging our attendees to do their best to leave no trace. While tents and camping equipment are not fully recyclable they are fully reusable. Camping equipment shouldn’t be considered disposable. If, by the end of the festival you have no intention of bringing your tent home with you, please deposit it at donation banks located in the campsite. Please do not abandon your tent for others to come pick it up after you. Over the course of the weekend please look after your camp, after all, it is your home for 3 days and 3 nights. We urge our guests to sort their waste at their campsite and to dispose of it properly in the bins provided, using the signage to see if your item can be recycled or composted.
If you don’t own any camping equipment yet, why not try some of our other camping options available on site -  Tangerine Fields and Boutique Camping (but sadly these are both now fully sold out with 40% of festival attendees choosing the camp sustainably)
Tangerine Fields is every festival-goer's dream. Turn up and find the perfect camping spot already picked out for you. Your accommodation is already up and each tent is taken away at the event a refused year after year, festival after festival.

What is the conscious option when packing for the festival?

When packing for the festival, see how you can do your part in reducing the amount of plastic being brought on site by making small changes such as using a reusable tote bag instead of a plastic bag and switching to biodegradable glitter and biodegradable wet wipes. Plastic is among the most prominent causes of pollution on our planet today. In a study by Ecowatch, it was found that over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century. This is a clear and indisputable indicator that the problem of plastic is growing at an insurmountable rate. To combat the large volume of plastic that is normally produced at a festival, we have decided that stringent measures are required. All Together Now does not provide any plastic materials onsite, and last year banned the sale of all single-use plastics.
In general, plastic equates to around 10 percent of the total waste we generate however, at All Together Now our goal is to make sure we produce far less than the industry standard.
We are committed as festival organisers, to ensuring the minimal use of plastic throughout the All Together Now festival site – on our own part and any external bodies present at the festival.
Single-use plastic containers will not be supplied or available anywhere on the festival site. This extends to backstage areas, staff catering tents, dressing rooms and production offices. All staff members are asked to bring their own drinking receptacles for the duration of the build, festival and pack-down.
Please try and avoid bringing single-use packaging and plastic bottles this year. As glass is not permitted onsite, we ask that you decant your alcohol into reusable bottles to help cut down on waste onsite. Bring a reusable bottle wherever possible. If you forget yours, never fear, we will have some for sale in the Eco area within the Arena and in Londis, which will be located in the Main Campsite. It’s important that we all come together and make small, everyday changes to help reduce our plastic consumption. 


All Together Now is targeting the epidemic that plastic is having on our environment. Last year we made the decision to ban the sale of plastic bottles, ensuring the reduction in the volume of plastic used at our festival and hence, minimising its susceptibility to end up in general waste. We are focused on producing a festival that dramatically increases its volumes of recycling and composting year after year, and providing a sustainable alternative is how we plan on doing this. It has taken us time and research to find a sustainable alternative for plastic water bottles which would be suitable and fit for use for our festival. It is extremely important for us that these bottles are also reusable.    We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Just Water to offer environmentally friendly and fully recyclable ‘Eco Water’ which will be available at all outlets at the festival. Just Water’s brand foundation is built upon the ethos of sustainability and planet-friendly packaging - an integral part of their company mission. Using sustainable packaging was not negotiable and as important as using responsible sourcing for their water.  Just Water was born from a desire and planetary need to provide an alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. Just Water is sustainably sourced pure spring water, bottled at source in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Just Water packaging is 100% recyclable and is made from 82% renewable sources - materials that grow back! What’s even better, is that Just Water cartons are reusable. We will have free water drinking points all around the festival, making it easy and convenient to fill up your own reusable water bottle wherever you go. When you’re finished with your Just Water Carton, please dispose of your carton in the correct recycling bin. Bin signage will be displayed around the festival site to help you recycle correctly.  


Recycling is a key factor in the implementation of All Together Now’s sustainable initiatives. It allows us to reduce the volume of non-recycled waste leaving the festival site as well as minimising any damage done to the immediate environment or the potential for damage from its disposal. Recycling in the last decade has become an inherent part of many people’s daily routine and at festivals, our attitude shouldn’t change. Panda Waste Management will be providing Compost and recycling facilities at All Together Now.
We are working on reducing the festival’s outputs as much as possible and to do so, are looking into sorting out our waste properly. This will aid in the recycling process dramatically. We have spent some time researching into where and how our waste is being separated after it leaves the festival, working closely with Panda Waste Management checking what materials can be safely separated and disposed of correctly. All materials given out on site such as cups, bowls, napkins, cutlery etc. have been tested, and can be successfully composted or recycled.
We ask that our attendees please use the bins correctly. Bins will be signposted clearly, indicating the correct bin for your waste. We urge you not to drop litter on the ground, and if you see some litter on the ground, please pick it up. We ask you to lead by example and be conscious when it comes to littering and disposing of your waste properly.
We will have a dedicated waste management team working onsite throughout the entire weekend that are there to assist in hand-collecting litter and encouraging patrons to use correct bins when getting rid of their waste. When packing for the festival, it’s important that you think about the items you’re bringing carefully. Try your best to refrain from bringing disposable items such as single-use plastic containers, avoid non-biodegradable glitter and ensure that all your camping equipment is brought back home with you. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste created onsite.


Cleaning up after our festivals is a fundamental part of our festival success. We are committed to leaving the areas we use for All Together Now, unscathed. Cigarette butts not only look unsightly in an area of natural beauty but once discarded on the ground they can leach toxic chemicals such as lead and arsenic, into the soil and local water supplies. They also pose a threat to local wildlife that could ingest them, mistaking filters for food.
Cleaning up cigarette butts after a festival is very laborious and time intensive for our cleaners and diminishes the focus on other key clean-up efforts. Sand barrels will be located across the festival site making it easy for you to get rid of your cigarette butts. We would be grateful for your help in this area, so if you smoke, please do your best to consider our efforts to protect the local flora and fauna, and deposit your cigarette butts correctly in the sand barrels.


2019 will see the addition of our new Eco Area. This new area will house organisations committed to promote good practices and educate us on what we can do to combat climate change. In this area, you will be able to learn about the importance of using FairTrade products in your everyday life, address the problems of plastic and waste in our oceans, try out organic, fair-trade products and purchase reusable bottles and coffee cups, and so much more. This area will have fun, educational activations for all to enjoy and will help you make sustainable choices in your everyday life.

Extinction Rebellion Ireland (XRI) is part of a rapidly growing international movement
calling for ‘System Change Not Climate Change’. XR believe in disrupting ‘business as usual’ to highlight the need for change, and to force our governments to act. In April the Irish rebels closed off Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge as part of the International Week of Rebellion. Simultaneously in London, 5 major city centre locations were occupied and held for over a week. Research from historical social movements has concluded that mobilising 3.5% of the
population to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience can instigate transformative change
in the mainstream culture. In solidarity with the growing School Strikes for Climate movement (which recently saw over 10,000 young people take to the streets in Dublin), XRI are calling for the government to ‘Tell the Truth’ about the most urgent issue of our times, the climate and biodiversity crisis. As Greta Thunberg famously said, ‘Our house is on fire’. We need to act like it’s an emergency’.
The Climate Ambassador Programme is Ireland’s first ever initiative to train and support individuals taking action on climate change. There are Climate Ambassador volunteers supported across the country, carrying out climate actions and climate communications in their schools, campuses and communities. Ongoing support and training are provided to engage the public in raising awareness about climate change and how we can all play our part. The programme is coordinated by the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce with support from the Department of Communication, Climate Action and Environment. See or find them on social media for more details
The Conscious Cup Campaign are delighted to be a part of All Together Now. Be sure to pop into them to find out about how you can bring a campaign to your work, organisation, school or community. They want to enable you to ditch the disposables and can provide you with the toolkit to do so. We dispose of over 22,000 takeaway cups and lids each hour in Ireland, that's a phenomenal amount of waste of our planet's resources for something we use in a few minutes. Be sure to bring along your reusable cup and be rewarded with coffee discounts from all the vendors. #LeaveNoTrace
Dr. Bronner’s was founded in 1948 by Emanuel Bronner, a third- generation master soap maker from a German-Jewish soapmaking family. He used the labels on his superb ecological soaps to spread his message that we must realise our unity across religious and ethnic divides or perish: “We are All-One or None!” Still family-owned and run, Dr. Bronner’s honours its founder’s vision by continuing to make socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, and by dedicating our profits to help make a better world. All-One. Dr. Bronner’s will be joining us at All Together Now sampling their certified fair trade, organic biodegradable products. Come check out their stall where they will also be spreading the word on their ‘Heal Earth’ campaign which promotes regenerative organic agriculture and learn about Dr. Bronner’s concentrated efforts to Combat Climate Change.
Stop by and say hi to *SWAPSIES* Textile Workshop and learn the magic of upcycling! Channel your inner activist (or artist) and join their low-key workshops, transforming old clothes into fun new items. Think t-shirt turn tote bag and help divert clothes from landfill at the same time!
VOICE is an award-winning member-based Irish environmental charity active in Ireland since 1997. VOICE empowers individuals and local communities to take positive action to conserve our natural resources. VOICE advocates for the government and the corporate sector to adopt environmentally responsible behaviours, and for the development of strong national policies on waste and water issues. In Ireland, we each create 560kg of waste per year and almost twice the EU average of plastic. But we're working to change that! Come along to our stand to learn about how you can reduce your waste, improve your recycling, and how you can get involved in VOICE initiatives working towards a more sustainable future.

VOICE projects include Conscious Consumption Communities Programme, No Home For Plastic, The Recycling Ambassador Programme, Zero Waste Cashel, and The Conscious Cup Campaign. For more information on VOICE please see
Plastic Free Waterford (PFW) is pleased to be joining All Together Now for the second year. Plastic Free Waterford campaigns against single-use plastics and over-reliance on plastic in general. The PFW team will be available to chat to people about the problems associated with plastic use and provide advice on practical alternatives. PFW is an initiative of the Waterford Sustainable Living Initiative and so we can also provide information about the Sustainable Development Goals and adopting a sustainable lifestyle. They will also have stainless steel reusable water bottles, t-shirts and jaunty buttons available for purchase. 
Plastic Free Waterford is joining forces with Youme to offer Sustainable Festival Packs for All
Together Now. Pre-order your packs from the Youme website and they will be available for pick-up from the
Plastic Free Waterford tent which is happily located on the Road to Nowhere (in the Eco area). Each pack costs €30 and includes deodorant (with baking soda or without), face rounds (in place of wipes), bamboo toothbrush and toothy tabs along with your very own Plastic Free Waterford reusable water bottle. We will also have a limited supply of stock for individual sales available throughout the weekend.
Young Friends of the Earth will also be joining us again for the second year, with new cracking games to learn how you can make a difference for our planet. Wow your friends with your limbo moves, challenge your buddies to a special Twister game, and build a giant eco-friendly Jenga! Pay them a visit on The Road to Nowhere. Young Friends of the Earth are a volunteer activist group working to advance global climate justice by mobilizing and inspiring people to join the movement in Ireland. Visit
Kinsale College will be at All Together Now promoting permaculture and sustainable living. Permaculture is about fundamental landscape change we need as opposed to climate change. There will be info on the most sustainable agriculture in the world which supports soil building, absorbs CO2, promotes biodiversity and regenerates the damage we have done to the ecosystem. There will be information on other ways to live sustainably and will enforce the importance of getting in touch with nature again as a species, and all the benefits that it entails.
Not Here Not Anywhere is the campaign for a fossil-free future. Their mission is to support the transition to a sustainable future by opposing fossil fuel exploration and infrastructure and supporting renewable energy solutions. They do this through raising awareness of the corrupt fossil fuel industry in Ireland and around the world, and lobbying politicians to end offshore drilling off the coast of Ireland, the construction of LNG terminals and the importation of fracked gas to Ireland. Be sure to stop by the Not Here Not Anywhere to take part in their games and workshops; Dirty Energy - the truth behind the fossil fuel industry, Where Does Ireland’s Energy Come From? -a look at Ireland’s current energy mix and the global environmental impacts, and What Would A Fossil-free Ireland Look Like?
Down2Earth Materials are delighted to be working with All Together Now Festival again this year to help with their sustainability ethos. We are Ireland’s leading supplier of plant based food packaging and are supplying vendors with certified compostable products for use throughout the weekend. The reason compostable products work so well at All Together Now is because the organisers have put huge effort into placing proper bin systems with well-informed signage in place all throughout the festivals. Vendors and punters alike are well informed and obligated to comply with the festivals sustainability strategy to ensure they are leaving no trace and taking with us our pride in having the best fun with the least impact.


One negative consequence to traditional festival food is that it creates a large volume of waste packaging (and litter) and at All Together Now we want to combat this as much as we possibly can. We want to reduce this non-reusable waste and increase the amount of recycling in this aspect of the festival. In order to do this, all of our traders and vendors are required to use fully compostable and recyclable materials during the festival, such as food containers, cutlery, cups and napkins. All traders are not permitted to sell single-use plastic bottles. Those who sell soft drinks will do so through canned soft drinks. If you purchase canned soft drinks, please ensure you dispose of it in the correct recycling bin.
Upon application, our traders are asked to ensure they are complying with the festival’s sustainability strategy. It is strictly enforced that any stall wishing to sell or apply glitter, must use certified biodegradable glitter. We are delighted to say that all our wonderful traders last year complied with our sustainability initiatives.

There is plenty more to do, and we are conscious that we must all play our part in taking care of the earth. Our like-minded festival-goers enthusiastically supported our initiatives last year, and we are so pleased to have the opportunity to roll out even further initiatives this year. We look forward to seeing you in the beautiful Curraghmore Estate this year. We look forward to leaving no trace and taking with us our pride in having the best fun with the least impact.