Lawns Of Tranquility


All Together Now has produced its very own unique wellness area, which has aptly been named Lawns of Tranquillity.


Set beside the lake, main lawn and partially into the woods, the area offers some privacy and quiet for those who wish to partake in the number of treatments we have available. The uniquely pod shaped treatment area will facilitate a number of relaxation activities including sauna, hot tubs, yoga, massage, along with other types of healing including sound, taste, sight, touch and sixth sense.

At the entrance to the treatment area, a trained receptionist will check in guests and advise them of treatments that are available and suitable for them. This specific area called BREATHE is themed around sense of smell - with aromatherapy oils scenting the air as an introductory phase of the guest’s experience. From there, guests will either go to a workshop or class in the heart of the space - or an individual treatment in one of the five rooms.

We aim to bring wellness to our festival in the most fitting way and meet the standards we know our audience will expect. The treatments will be carried out by professionals in a stunning set up to give the best festival wellness experience possible. 

09-Bathing under the Sky Lost Village 2016 jpeg3.jpg


The aim of yoga is not to be good at it but to emerge yourself in the process. All classes are for all levels from first timers to seasoned practitioners.

HATHA YOGA - A gentle wake up to the day (Heartspace)
In this gentle class we will use asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) to help bring peace to the mind and body and to prepare the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation - or even dancing! With Essie Millie

IYENGAR YOGA (Heartspace)
This method is designed to systematically cultivate strength, flexibility, stability, and awareness, and can be therapeutic for specific conditions. With Bridget Moriarty

KUNDALINI YOGA (Heartspace & Outside)
Often referred to as the ‘Yoga of Awareness' Kundalini Yoga is a blend of movement, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation and the chanting of mantras. With Shama Kaur, Preetam Kaur and Nadasen Ram Ravi.


Have you got monkey mind? Learn what that is and how to tame it.

If you think you're too restless for meditation then this is the perfect setting to give it a go. There will be music, there will be words. You may even wish to giggle.. Meditation is about awareness of the mind.

MANTRAS AND SACRED SOUNDS (Heartspace) Sing the seed sounds and tune in to the most ancient form of yoga and healing.


Alex Rey, a traditional herbal healer from an indigenous community in Colombia breaks down the shamanic tradition. ... we end with clearing and meditative exercises.

What is this "inner child" people talk about? With Alex Rey and 11 year old Juan.


Dance Medicine with Dama Anna Day and DJ Colibri in the Heartspace, Dancing Heart Path Facilitator, Artist and creator of Bliss Conscious Clubbing across Europe, deliver a 90 minute movement experience, an invitation to come back to ourselves...



All night Gong Puja Sacred celebration and sound meditation in the Heartspace. All night gong puja from 10.30pm to sunrise, with gong players and musicians from Ireland, Brazil. Peru, UK and more. We will fill the dome with the sound of gongs and play all night. The most deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and transformational experience you will ever have.