What ticket do I need to camp in the family campsite?

You must purchase a family camping ticket which will allow 1 adult + 2 children access to the campsite. You are NOT permitted to camp in the family campsite or gain access to the family campsite unless you are accompanied by your kids. Please note that children between the ages of 13-20 cannot be admitted to the festival.

If we bring our own tent, is there power supply nearby that we could plug in a normal 3 pin plug to inflate an airbed mattress?

Yes, there will be one at family campsite office. Please note that you are not able to charge your phone at the family campsite office. There are dedicated charging facilities on site. 

Are there showers in the family camping area? 

Yes. Showers will be open at specified times throughout the weekend, so please check these when you are onsite. 

Will there be drinking water points in the family camping area? 

Yes. We encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottle to fill up at these drinking points. 

Will there be security in the family campsite? 

Yes, there will be dedicated security at family camping only.