Campervan / Caravan field will open at 6pm on Thursday and access will be restricted to Campervan field only until the Arena opens on Friday .

TICKETS: You must purchase a general weekend camping ticket per person & one general campervan ticket per campervan to gain entry to the general campervan site. If you are staying in the family campervan area, you must purchase a family weekend camping ticket per adult & one family campervan ticket per campervan, which allows 1 adult and up to 2 children aged 12 and under to enter the family campervan site. Only proper purpose-built or adapted live-in vehicles will be permitted. Your campervan must have a door that provides access to the living accommodation. The vehicle must be in a liveable condition with a fitted bed, cooking facility & washing facility. These are to be permanent fixtures.

There is NO water or electricity hook up available.  There will be a water point and waste tank in the campsite for general use.

Campervans/caravans which have been driven down or sited by non-festival goers will be refused entry. This includes staff from hire companies, so please ensure you liaise with them to collect the vehicle off site first.

Correct Ticketing You must specify whether Family Campervan/Caravan or General Campervan/Caravan when purchasing tickets .

CARS: Towing cars only are allowed stay in the Caravan area. As part of our event licence all cars will need to be removed from campervan field. Sleeping is not permitted in any vehicles in the car park. This is a matter of public safety. Thanks for your co-operation.

TENTS/AWNINGS: Camping in a tent is not permitted in the campervan site. You are not permitted to erect a tent in this section. Gazebos are not permitted in the campervan site. Awnings must be a built in part of the campervan.

GAS: Gas cylinders are not permitted anywhere.

POWER & WATER: There are no electrical hookups or generators allowed in the campervan area for health and safety reasons. Water is not available for individual units.

SEARCH POLICY:  The safety and well-being of our attendees is at the forefront of our priorities. Stringent searches will be conducted upon entry to the festival. Decanting is not available onsite. Anyone found carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the festival and passed over to the Garda as a result. Please see a list of prohibited items below.

Fireworks, Chinese Lanterns, flares and high power torches are not allowed

Alcohol (over and above your personal allowance)

Illicit drugs, legal highs or nitrous oxide are not allowed.

Glass (except for small make-up items and perfume/aftershave)

Animals (except guide dogs) are not allowed.

Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon are not allowed.

Gas Cylinders are not permitted anywhere in the campsite including campervans.

Petrol/Diesel Generators or liquefied Petroleum Gas is not allowed.

BBQ's are not allowed.

Gazebos are not allowed.

Flag Poles are not allowed.

Garden Furniture in any form is not allowed.

Laser Pens are not allowed.

Professional photographic equipment is not allowed. (this applies to cameras that have detachable lenses)

Selfie Sticks are not allowed.

Drones are not allowed.

Umbrellas are not allowed.

Spray canisters / Smoke Bombs / Gas canisters are not allowed.

Megaphones/Air horns are not allowed.

High Vis Clothing is not allowed.

Items for trading are not allowed.

Bicycles are not permitted in the campsite including campervans

Candles or campfires are not allowed.

Nitrous Oxide and any associated equipment (balloons, Co2 dispensers, cream dispensers etc.) are not allowed.

Sound systems are not allowed.