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General: If you have any queries regarding the Terms and Conditions, you are advised to contact by email (ATNVolunteers@gmail.com) before submitting your application and paying your Bond. By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing to abide by the * Terms and Conditions; * Code of Conduct (see below) By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing that any photographs; video; sound recordings taken of you or by you may be used by All Together Now. By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing that for the safety of the general public prior to arrival onsite your personal details may be passed to the An Garda Síochana for a personal check to be carried out. By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing that if your performance is deemed less than satisfactory you may be removed from the site, you will be blacklisted thus unable to apply for further positions with All Together Now . These are Volunteer roles and no payment will be made. Volunteers must be over 21 years of age – photo ID will be required as proof. A dedicated area within the staff campsite will be made available to volunteers. Volunteers are expected to provide their own camping equipment; suitable clothing for variable (typically Irish) weather – including rain gear/ sunscreen etc; suitable comfortable footwear etc. Volunteers are expected to make their own way to and from the Fesitval site. Train & bus information will be provided and Crew car-parking will be made available. We will not be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen belongings. Volunteer Tent/ HQ:- The volunteer tent is to serve as a base for volunteers to get info; sign in & out of shifts; collect/ return high viz jackets; have a cuppa & a chat; there will be power in the tent so you can charge phones/ cameras/ ipads there also (please note: these are left at your own risk, we cannot take responsibility for any items left in the tent). Notes: No pets are allowed on the Festival site. Volunteering at ALL TOGETHER NOW 2019 Terms & Conditions Bond Terms & Conditions: Volunteers are required to pay a Bond to the value of €208 (ticket price). You will be sent details of how to lodge the Bond payment and the date by which you must lodge it if successfully selected for the weekend teams. The final closing date for receipt of payment will also be indicated in the email. If your payment has not been received by this date you will not be allocated a volunteer position and we will assume that you are not coming. Payment must be made by electronic transfer. You will receive this information by email when confirmed as a volunteer on the weekend team. Please take the utmost care when filling out details for bond refunds as if there are mistakes made refunds may be delayed until correct details are received. Bond refunds will be part or all of your deposit may be withheld if you: 1. Do not complete any shift allocated to you; 2. Lose any uniform and/or equipment allocated to you; 3. Miss your onsite briefings; 4. Breach the Terms & Conditions; 5. Breach the Code of Conduct; Cancellation Policy: If you drop out of working at the festival due to illness, an accident or suffer a bereavement you MUST let us know as soon as possible by contacting Catherine Kehoe – Volunteer Coordinator at ATNVolunteers@gmail.com (clearly flagging your cancellation in the subject of your email). The refund of the Bonds minus a €20.00 administration fee will be considered on a case-by- case basis. Deposits are returned approximately 3 weeks after the festival via electronic transfer. You will be provided with a form to complete with bank account details for the refund. We cannot stress how important it is to complete this correctly! We cannot take any responsibility for delayed payments due to incorrect information/ lack of information. Hours of work Volunteers must be available to arrive at the Festival site by 12 noon on Thursday 1st August and be available for a briefing at 16:00hrs on Thursday 1st August 2018. Shifts are 6 or 8 hours long; the time it takes you to sign-in and travel to and from your place of work is additional to your shift. Volunteers are expected to work 24 hours in exchange for access to the Festival. This will take the form of 3 x 8 hour shifts or 4 x 6 hour shifts over the weekend. It is imperative that you sign in and out of shifts – or you will face losing your Bond. Wristbands & Hi viz vests: Volunteers will be wristbanded, and issued with a numbered Volunteer vest to be worn when on shift. These will be issued at onsite check in, vests are to be returned on completion of shifts at final sign out. Wristbands and high viz vests are the responsibility of each individual. Lost wristbands/ high viz will be replaced at a charge. A charge of €10 will be withheld from your Bond in the case of the non-return of Hi-vis. Volunteering at ALL TOGETHER NOW 2019 Terms & Conditions Codes of Conduct: Responsibilities of Volunteers: Volunteers must report to the Volunteer Tent 20 minutes prior to their shift starting to sign in, get your hi-viz vest and meet your Team Leader * Volunteers must present valid photo ID at Registration. * Know your Team Leader/ Zone Manager and the Volunteer Coordinator and how to contact them. * When Volunteers are working in pairs they should stay together at all times unless an emergency situation dictates otherwise or if a Team Leader/ Zone Manager instructs you to do so. * To relay information about what is happening in your area back to your Team Leader/ Zone Manager/ Coordinator. * To be punctual, behave appropriately and safely. * To wear your designated hi-vis vest and be easily recognisable as a Festival Volunteer – all Health & Safety instructions should be adhered to, for your own protection & safety. * Return the Hi-Vis at the end of the shift/ festival – a charge will be applied to your Bond if your numbered hi-vis has not been returned. * To dress in clothing appropriate for the weather – to use protective clothing in adverse weather conditions and sun cream as protection from the sun. * Monitoring and reporting any oddities on the site that could result in persons harming themselves or others, and report any Health and Safety hazards or issues. * To be helpful and friendly at all times. * To be disabled friendly and aware and to offer assistance where necessary. * To assist generally with the wellbeing of the Public attending/ enquiring about the event with emphasis on Health and Safety. * To stay calm, rational and objective at all times. * Be alert at all times. Volunteers must Not: * Leave posts without telling your Team Leader/ Zone Manager & Coordinator. * Get angry or frustrated. * Watch the entertainment when on shift. * Exceed your powers – you are volunteering in a helping capacity. * Drink alcohol or take drugs prior to or during your shift. If you are found unable to work due to alcohol or drug consumption you will be immediately ejected from the site and your Bond will be forfeited. * Smoke while on shift. If you wish to smoke while on break, please ensure your volunteer high-viz vest is not visible.
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By submitting this you are confirming all details are true and agree to the Terms and Conditions of All Together Now festival. Please make sure you have read the Terms & Conditions below before submitting. Weekend Volunteer BOND payment: In order to secure a place on the Weekend Volunteer Team you must submit a Bond. The Bond is refunded to you on completion of all scheduled shifts. It is imperative that you sign in & out of all shifts to ensure you receive your Bond payment refund. Bond payments are due by the date that is emailed to you on successful selection. Bank details will be provided to allow you lodge the Bond if successfully chosen as a volunteer. Bond payments will be refunded approximately 3 weeks after the festival - IF all information provided is correct. Bonds will be transferred electronically back to bank accounts. You will receive information on refunds etc by email if successful.